When a tennis player looks for a doubles partner, he or she looks for someone whose style of play and skill set compliment her or his own.  In the same way, the NJTL of Indianapolis has partners who can complement what we have to offer.  Because tennis players and many other athletes typically spend A LOT of time out in the sun, we are super happy to announce that our June/July doubles partner is “Outrun The Sun,” a fellow not-for-profit who does skin cancer education and melanoma research. (read more)

More than 120,000 Americans are diagnosed with melanoma each year and Outrun the Sun works to increase their chances for survival. The Melanoma Research Scholar program supports young investigators who actively seek new, effective therapies. Outrun the Sun has supported 22 melanoma research scholars many institutions including the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Institutes of Medicine, New York University, Kimmel Cancer Center, University of Chicago, and the Indiana University Glick Eye Institute.   And if you’d like to support their work, they have a really fun race coming up next weekend on Saturday June 17th!