2016 End-of-Summer Tournament

Thank you everyone who participated in the NJTL of Indianapolis End-of-Summer tournament. We hope you had a great time and learned more about the great game of tennis. Here are the results…


Level 1 (Ages 5-6)

Winner – Bryce Bontrager (Sahm Park)
Runner-Up – Sam Pike (Broad Ripple Park)
Consolation Winner – John Wyatt Bell (Beech Grove HS)
Consolation Runner-Up – Zachary Wilson (Perry Meridian MS)


Level 1 Girls (Ages 7-8)

Winner – Marlie Stafford (Lincoln MS)
Runner-Up – Hope Andrews (Sahm Park)
Consolation Winner – Eleanor Poca (Ellenberger Park)
Consolation Runner-Up – Greta Rasmussen (Chapel Hill)


Level 1 Boys (Ages 7-8)

Winner – Tait Owens (Decatur Central HS)
Runner-Up – Kaiden Konkle (Perry Meridian MS)
Consolation Winner – Casey Garcia (Decatur Central HS)
Consolation Runner-Up – Cooper Smith (Beech Grove HS)


Level 1 Girls (Ages 9-10)

Winner – Kemi Mosongo (Juan Solomon Park)
Runner-Up – Taylor Hill (Sahm Park)
Consolation Winner – Ava Copeland (Beech Grove HS)
Consolation Runner-Up – Naomi Hicks (Riverside Park)


Level 1 Boys (Ages 9-10)

Winner – Elijah VanSlambrook (Tarkington Park)
Runner-Up – Ryan Reed (Sahm Park)
Consolation Winner – Joel Dorval (Garfield Park)
Consolation Runner-Up – Daniel Rosario (Perry Meridian MS)


Level 1 Girls (Ages 11 and Up)

Winner – Shaelynn Gardner (Perry Meridian MS)
Runner-Up – Addie Yates (Lincoln MS)
Consolation Winner – Ava Bradley (Sahm Park)
Consolation Runner-Up – Labriya Thomas (Lincoln MS)


Level 1 Boys (Ages 11 and Up)

Winner – George Gamble (Tarkington Park)
Runner-Up – Levi Leffler (Sahm Park)
Consolation Winner – Vince Richey (Sahm Park)
Consolation Runner-Up – Luke Jones (Lincoln MS)


Level 2

Winner – Madison Lukas (Perry Meridian MS)
Runner-Up – Baylee Watson (Perry Meridian MS)
Consolation Winner – Cameron Frye (Broad Ripple Park)
Consolation Runner-Up – Nathan Harmon (Perry Meridian MS)


Level 3

Winner – Kye Barrett (Perry Meridian MS)
Runner-Up– Colston Streit (Jack Bradshaw/Marian)
Consolation Winner – Carlie Streit (Jack Bradshaw/Marian)
Consolation Runner-Up – Joseph Christner (Jack Bradshaw/Marian)


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