This Giving Tuesday, Give Tennis & Education

Giving Tuesday is a way to balance out the consumption of black Friday and cyber Monday shopping with a healthy, happy dose of giving back.  Please consider a donation of money, time, or resources to NJTL of Indianapolis as your way of giving back!  Your funds help us provide full and partial scholarships, and keep our tennis programming affordable, so that any child, regardless of ability to pay, can play tennis.   Can you imagine the tennis landscape without Arthur Ashe and the Williams sisters, all of whom grew up in low-income families and received high-level training thanks largely to the generosity of others?  We want to continue the tradition of ensuring that tennis champions can come from any socioeconomic background.  Your support will help us do that!  

Your support will also help us offer after-school tennis and education programming.  We offered our very first program in 2018 at an Indianapolis school that serves 100% at or below poverty level kids.  We hope to see this program grow quickly and serve more vulnerable kids in more schools.   It’s a great step for us in our work to follow Arthur Ashe’s vision for NJTL: “Our idea is to use tennis as a way to gain and hold the attention of young people in the inner cities and other poor environments so that we can teach them about matters more important than tennis…”  

If you want to learn more about NJTL or become involved in our work through volunteering, board membership, fundraising, etc., please get in touch with us!  We are always looking for new ideas and perspectives on how we can improve on what we do. And thanks for supporting NJTL of Indianapolis.

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