Summer Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is the frequency and duration of lessons for the summer program?
A: Classes are held twice per week (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday) with Match Days on select Fridays. Classes are 30 minutes for Level 1 (ages 5-6); 45 minutes for Level 1 (ages 7-8) and Level 1 (ages 9-10); one hour for Level 1 (ages 11-14) and Level 1 (ages 15-18); two hours for Level 2; and two hours for Level 3.
Q: When does the program start and when does it end?
A: June 8 – July 21, 2016
Q: What supplies do NJTL participants need?
A: Participants should wear appropriate tennis shoes and bring water. NJTL provides loaner tennis racquets for participants at all locations.
Q: Will I be notified of NJTL activities that are held outside of my child’s regularly scheduled lessons?
A: During weeks where there is an additional activity, such as Match Day or Rally Day, NJTL instructors will remind your child about the activity, and the NJTL office will be sending e-mail reminders to parents. However, please take it upon yourselves to consult the Parent Calendar and Match Day Schedule at often for a list of important dates. Q: What is Rally Day? A: Rally Day is a tennis carnival for all Level 1 NJTL players under the age of 10. Rally Day will be held Saturday, June 13.
Q: What are Match Days?
A: NJTL holds Match Days for all levels on select Fridays. These days give your child an opportunity to play matches against participants from other sites. Some days your site will host the Match Day, and other times you will travel to another location. Level 1 matches are structured so that every child can be successful. Level 2 matches are designed to be competitive but relatively short. Level 3 matches are designed to be competitive and get players ready to succeed at the middle school/high school level.
Q: What if it is raining on my class day?
A: If it is raining or the tennis courts are wet, please check our website at to see if your class has been cancelled. We ask instructors to let us know at least 15 minutes before the start of class for cancellations. Cancelled classes WILL NOT be rescheduled. Because over 1,000 children are enrolled in NJTL’s summer program, we are not able to call parents when class is cancelled due to rain or wet courts. Please check the Twitter feed on our homepage at to find out if your class is cancelled.
Q: Are classes cancelled when it is dangerously hot outside?
A: NJTL reserves the right to cancel classes due to extreme heat and unsafe conditions for the children. Please check our website at to see if your class will be cancelled due to heat. Classes cancelled due to heat WILL NOT be rescheduled. Closing the program down due to heat would be extremely rare. On occasion, classes are shortened and activities are changed to make playing conditions safer. Parents should check with their site instructor when arriving to see if activities will be altered due to heat. Again, please be sure that your child brings water, as drinking fountains are rarely available.
Q: Whom should I tell if my child has a medical condition or allergy?
A: Indicate any health problems on the registration form in the appropriate space. Also, let your instructor know about these conditions on the first day of class.
Q: What educational components does NJTL offer?
A: NJTL’s staff is trained to incorporate life skills sessions into regular tennis lessons each week. Participants are also invited to participate in the National Arthur Ashe Essay Contest. Heart healthy information will be taught using the 5-2-1-0 program.
Q: Does NJTL offer other programs in addition to the summer program?
A: NJTL offers an indoor winter tennis program for all levels at indoor racquet clubs in Indianapolis as well as spring and fall outdoor programs. Please check this website for details.

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