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Nationally, NJTL was founded by Arthur Ashe, Charlie Pasarell and Sheridan Snyder in 1969 in New York. Barbara Wynne founded the Indianapolis chapter in 1973.
Foundation Grants: 21 percent
Individual & Corporate Donors and Events: 56 percent
Registration Fees: 23 percent
Night at the Net is our annual fundraiser that features a table tennis tournament, live and silent auctions, food and drinks, and a DJ.
NJTL’s 2019 budget was $159,000, which does not include in-kind services.
Click here to see a list of the board of directors.
More than 1,000 children participate in NJTL’s year-round programs.
The NJTL summer tennis program is offered at Indy parks and schools for six weeks during June and July. NJTL offers partial and full scholarships when even the low fees are more than a family can afford. No child is turned away due to an inability to pay. Participants are taught the fundamentals of tennis, play matches, and learn important healthy living and life skills. QuickStart tennis equipment is utilized with all Level 1 players ages 5-10.
Middle of June through middle of July.
Classes are held three times per week (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) with Match Days each Thursday. Classes are 30 minutes for Level 1 (ages 5-6); 45 minutes for Level 1 (ages 7-8), Level 1 (ages 9-10), Level 1 (ages 11-18), and Catch All (ages 5-18); 1 1/2 hours for Level 2 and Level 3.
During weeks where there is an additional activity, such as Rally Day, NJTL instructors will remind your child about the activity, and the NJTL office will be sending e-mail reminders to parents. However, please take it upon yourselves to consult the Parent Calendar and Match Day Schedule at often for a list of important dates.
Rally Day is a tennis carnival for all Level 1 NJTL players.
NJTL holds Match Days and Nights for all levels on Thursdays in the morning and evening. Your child may attend both the “Match Days” and “Match Nights” each Thursday if they so desire.  You may choose the most convenient location to attend each week as well.  These days give your child an opportunity to play matches against participants from other sites. Some days your site will host the matches, and other times you will need to travel to another location. Level 1 matches are structured so that every child can be successful. Level 2 matches are designed to be competitive but relatively short. Level 3 matches are designed to be competitive and get players ready to succeed at the middle school/high school level.
If it is raining or the tennis courts are wet, please check our website at to see if your class has been cancelled. We ask instructors to let us know at least 15 minutes before the start of class for cancellations. Cancelled classes WILL NOT be rescheduled. Because more than 500 children are enrolled in NJTL’s summer program, we are not able to call parents when class is cancelled due to rain or wet courts. Please check the Twitter feed on our homepage at to find out if your class is cancelled.
NJTL reserves the right to cancel classes due to extreme heat and unsafe conditions for the children. Please check our website at to see if your class will be cancelled due to heat. Classes cancelled due to heat WILL NOT be rescheduled. Closing the program down due to heat would be extremely rare. On occasion, classes are shortened and activities are changed to make playing conditions safer. Parents should check with their site instructor when arriving to see if activities will be altered due to heat. Again, please be sure that your child brings water, as drinking fountains are rarely available.
Indicate any health problems on the registration form in the appropriate space. Also, let your instructor know about these conditions on the first day of class.
No, any child between the ages of 5–18 can play regardless of where they live.
NJTL uses QuickStart Tennis for Level 1 players ages 5-10. Level 2 and Level 3 classes combine lessons with match play.
NJTL collaborates with a number of youth-serving organizations each summer. If you are interested in signing up your daycare, camp, church group or children at your community center, please contact Tyler Scanlan at
$75 for Level 1 players, depending upon the site. Level 2 and Level 3 classes are $125. Collaborating youth-serving organizations pay $15 per child, regardless of location. Also, needs-based scholarships are available upon request. No child is turned away due to an inability to pay.
The NJTL of Indianapolis Scholarship Program is open to Indiana residents who receive state assistance through Hoosier Healthwise Insurance, Indiana’s health care program for low income families, pregnant women, and children, or Hoosier Works, Indiana’s Food Stamps/TANF assistance program. Alternate state-sponsored health insurance programs, including the Healthy Indiana Plan, and out-of-state insurance programs do not qualify. To print a copy of our scholarship form, click here.
The number of sites varies from year to year.  In 2019, 14 different sites will be used for NJTL’s summer program.
NJTL serves children ages 5 through 18.
Participants should wear appropriate tennis shoes and bring water. NJTL provides loaner tennis racquets for participants at all locations.
NJTL’s staff is trained to incorporate life skills sessions into regular tennis lessons each week. Participants are also invited to participate in the National USTA Essay Contest.
NJTL offers an indoor winter tennis program for all levels at indoor racquet clubs in Indianapolis as well as spring and fall outdoor programs. Please check this website for details.

If you have any questions about the NJTL of Indianapolis level system or tryouts, please feel free to e-mail the office at or call 317.429.9965.