In the last year NJTL has helped increase test scores, grades, self-confidence, and athletic abilities for more than 20 students in the after-school program. The NJTL has proven that two-way interactions between community members and schools enrich and strengthen the impact of successful relationships with at-risk youth.

Stephanie Miranda

Lighthouse Academy

NJTL Indianapolis is important to us, for providing tennis instruction that blends so well with our curriculum, while having a very strong standalone component. The Forever-Fit Camp is looking forward to continued collaboration with NJTL Indianapolis in 2020 and beyond, working with campers to lose weight, gain self-esteem, and learn tennis skills. Camper surveys consistently rank NJTL Indy tennis as a favorite activity.

Elizabeth A. Ryan

Forever-Fit Camp

This past year, the NJTL did a great job providing low-cost tennis instruction at Garfield Park and numerous other parks, as they help children who have never played tennis before. Further, they have worked to enrich lives through tennis by focusing on teamwork, working well with others, believing in yourself, and having goals.

Mark Bowell

Friends of Garfield Park, Inc.

I love this program so much because I like to play tennis with others and help them. Tennis is such a good sport to play because it helps your body stay healthy.


NJTL of Indianapolis

NJTL has opened my eyes to a fun sport I might not otherwise have tried. By playing, I learn skills like perseverance, positive thinking, and challenging myself.


NJTL of Indianapolis

The price is incredible for what you get. A truly A+ program. My daughter really improved her game and wants to continue improving her game.


NJTL of Indianapolis