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Tennis for Everyone


Dear Friend of NJTL,

Since its founding in 1973, NJTL of Indianapolis has served more than 55,000 children from ages 5–18 and continues to be guided by the vision of Arthur Ashe:

“Our idea is to use tennis as a way to gain and hold the attention of young people in the inner cities and other poor environments so that we can teach them about matters more important than tennis….”

We believe that tennis should be available to ANYONE who wants to play, regardless of income, so we offer low-income children scholarships for our tennis programs.These scholarships are funded by donors who recognize that tennis can be the reason children stay in school, go to college, avoid drugs, choose healthy foods over chips and candy, and make other healthy lifestyle choices.

I am asking you to help us continue offering all children the opportunity to play tennis. The cost per child for participation in our tennis program is $150, which includes the cost of instructors, equipment and court rental. Your donation will help us cover the gap between our true costs and what many of our participants are able to pay (50% are only able to pay $20 or less) so we can continue to serve low-income participants.


Here are a few ways your donation can be used:

  • $5,000 – a local community center’s participation in our summer program – three days of tennis per week for seven weeks for 35 children
  • $2,500 – court time for 225 children to play tennis indoors one day per week for seven weeks during the fall or winter
  • $1,000 – 5-2-1-0 healthy lifestyle curriculum for 500 children in our summer tennis programs
  • $250 – two QuickStart tennis nets
  • $150 – scholarship for one child to play tennis three days a week for seven weeks in summer
  • $50 – 50 tennis balls
  • $25 – junior racquets for two children

We know that tennis isn’t for every child. But for those who have an opportunity to discover it and fall in love with it, tennis can be a game changer. Thanks for considering a gift that will help us make sure that EVERY child, regardless of address or income, can discover tennis.


B.J. Brinkerhoff, Board President
NJTL of Indianapolis

If you have any questions about the NJTL of Indianapolis level system or tryouts,
please feel free to e-mail the office at or call 317.429.9965.